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The Process

North Shore Kitchen and Bath would like to describe our process to get you the room you want . . .

We are a full service remodeling showroom. You are more than welcome to come in to our showroom with your project goals and discuss them with one of our designers and/or the owners. After our brief discussion, we would like to set an appointment with you at your home to see the space and it's surroundings. This is a no-commitment consultation. It gives us a better understanding and grasp of what you are hoping to accomplish in the space.

From our site visit at your home, we can go one of two ways:

We provide a written estimate for the job scope discussed and use product allowances based on measurements taken. We use real allowances to provide the best estimate for you. After you have reviewed the estimate and are ready to proceed, we will invite you in to the showroom to review the floorplan and begin product selections. Any adjustments and decisions will be taken in to consideration and presented to you in a revised estimate.

The alternative to the allowance based estimate is to have you make an appointment with a designer in the showroom to finalize the floorplan and make actual product selections. This will give you a tailored number unique to your project. You will receive a written estimate.

After the floorplan and materials have been finalized, a detailed Standard Form of Agreement will be written. Upon signing the contract we order your products and provide you with a time line to begin and schedule your project.

Every project has it's own individuality and may have differences in the process. We will talk with you every step of the way from our initial meeting to the completion of your job.

North Shore Kitchen and Bath invites you in to our showroom to discuss your kitchen, bath and home renovation projects.

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